Power Line Communications has come of age!

InovaTech has been leading the high speed Power Line Communications (PLC) industry since 1999 by developing new architectures; delivering new low cost components that have been successfully deployed in pilot projects all over the world; and evangelising PLC with power utilities in many developed and developing countries globally.

This wealth of experience gives InovaTech the ability to provide leading edge solutions using immediately available technology at class leading price points.

History of Power Line Communications

Power Line Communications (PLC) has existed for more than 50 years in a rudimentary form.  Low Speed Narrow Band PLC has been used for sending signals along the power lines for switching peak loads on and off.  Overhead High Voltage transmission lines have been used for signalling and voice communications but at very low bandwidths.


Since InovaTech was founded in 1999, it has moved from a 14Mbps offering to its current 200Mbps offering using the industry leading DS2 chipset.

Modulation Schemes

The predominant schemes for High Speed PLC applications:-
GMSK - Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying
DSSS - Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum
OFDM - Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

OFDM is now considered to be the most appropriate modulation scheme for Power Line Communications.


Emissions Standards

Emissions standards compliance has been a contentious issue in the PLC industry for many years. Standards have been proposed by several organisations with vested interests in alternative competing technologies and have been used as a way of suppressing new deployments of PLC.

PLC technology has shown itself to be capable of complying with existing emissions standards however work is under way to specifically define certification procedures for PLC equipment to enable it to demonstrate compliance with existing and proposed standards.


InovaTech PLC Architectures

InovaTech has developed several distinct PLC architectures to achieve the optimum balance between service delivery capability and infrastructure deployment cost, while adapting to the varied requirements of existing power utility infrastructures and management practice.

During the planning stages of a new deployment, InovaTech consultants work with power utility infrastructure managers and planners to select the most appropriate mix of architectures.


PLC Data Security

The practical security of a well implemented PLC network is equivalent to or better than competitive wireline LAN/WAN systems.  The InovaTech system offers five types of security.

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